NoSQL At Scale

CursusDB is


CursusDB is a fast open source in-memory document oriented database offering security, persistence, distribution, availability and an SQL like query language.

SQL Like

select * from users where firstName = 'Alex' && age > 28;

CursusDB has an SQL like query language called CDQL(Cursus Document Query Language)

JSON insertion

insert into users({"name": "John", "last": "Josh", "age": 28, "tags": ["tag1", "tag2"]});

CursusDB takes JSON type document data on insertion.

One cluster to rule all the nodes.

insert into users({"email!": "","firstName": "Doe", "lastName": "John", "age": 28, "tags": ["tech", "news"]});

Regardless the query a CursusDB cluster will query all configured commodity nodes in parallel at the same time tackling multiple parts of your stored collections simultaneously. On insertion uniqueness can be kept using the ! symbol at the end of your desired key to be unique.

Easily integratable

import Client from 'cursusdb-node'

(async function() {
    // Cluster IP or FQDN, Cluster PORT, DB User Username, DB User Password, TLS ?
    const client = new Client("", "7681", "username", "password", false)

    client.Connect().then((res) => {

            client.Query(`ping;`).then((res) => {
    }).catch((err) => {

Getting a secure cluster setup shouldn't
take more than 5 minutes!